Friday, November 16, 2012

The Leaves Of Brown Came Tumbling Down

I've just noticed that almost all the trees in town have dropped their leaves and those displaced leaves are now being tossed about by the wind. Seeing this reminds me of another time when I took notice of the leaves.

It was a cold and windy October day.  I was carrying my four month old niece across the street in front of my sister's house to my  car .  When we were half way to the car she pushed herself away from me to stare mesmerized at something down the block.  I turned my head to see what had caught her attention so completely and saw hundreds of yellow leaves tumbling away from us as the wind pushed them down the street.  Then,  for an instant, I was able to see the leaves through her  four month old eyes- not as inanimate objects being carried by the wind but as living things dancing with the wind and having a grand old time.  I haven't looked at blowing leaves the same way since.

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