Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I got the last of the moving boxes opened and either unpacked or stored away yesterday. I can not believe what a relieve it is to finally have that part of the move done. Moving into a new house has been more labor intensive that I thought it would be mostly because we had to buy some new furniture as this house is a lot larger than our old one. I do like shopping for new furniture and finding that just right piece, the one you know is perfect, the one you know has just been waiting for you to walk by and discover it. I've been lucky during the last month in that I've found, at different times and different places, what I did not know I was looking for to put in my house. The below photo shows two examples of this phenomenon.

This is one of the corners of my office/study/sanctuary and where I now blog. The dogs claimed that window as their prime "checking out what is going on in the street" spot. At first I had one old dinning chair set there but it was a bit cramped for two dogs when they both got up there together so I brought in another chair and set them facing each other. I knew those chairs could not stay there forever so I went searching for a bench and tripped over this one in the store. Perfect, a lovely bench for the dogs to watch the world from and a place for me to stretch out and read when the dogs are not using it.

The secretary came from my husband's aunt and I had always planned to use it as a desk for my computer but I knew I had to find a chair for it. Days after we move here I went into town and found a second-hand store crammed full of stuff piled on top of other stuff. I wandered around trying to take it all in when I noticed a wooden kitchen chair almost hidden under a pile of  someone else's treasures.  I cleared chair off and looked it over. It was beautiful.

And the seat back had an unusual design.

I liked the look of it and could tell it was well made but was it comfortable to sit in? Surprisingly so. There was a label on the bottom of the seat that read, "Northwest Chair Company Tacoma, Wash." After some research I found out that Northwest went out of business in the late 1940s/early 1950s so this chair has some age on it. I sent a photo of the chair to my sister and she passed it on to a friend who knows about chairs and he wrote this about it:

I can't remember the exact name/style of that particular
chair but am guessing that it is American inspired by a German
original. Looks really sturdy and well made and probably has
some really good kharma.

He got that right, this chair has a good feel to it, nothing like the one I sat in at that antique store in Ocean Beach, California.

So, here I sit this morning in my new chair, at my new blogging spot, in my new office/study/sanctuary, writing this post. Life is good.

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