Monday, April 29, 2013

Information Super Highway Turns Into A Dead End

Back in the 1990's the Internet was given the name Information Super Highway. It was place where you could find information on anything provided by individuals who maintained websites which shared their love for all things. Then came Wikipedia and things changed. Wikipedia touts itself as an encyclopedia that is maintained by "citizen scholars" and that may have been correct at the beginning but now Wikipedia is mainly a treasure trove of misinformation protected by ignorant, anonymous bullies. An incident this week shows just how petty Wikipedia editors can be.

Amanda Filipacchi wrote a story in The New York Times about how someone in the Wikipedia universe is moving all the women authors off there American Novelist page but leaving all male authors no matter how obscure and unknown they are to the general public. It gets worse. Not only are they letting someone move all women authors off the American Novelists list and into their own category, they are also harassing the woman who pointed this out, Amanda Filipacchi. Someone has gutted her Wikipedia page. Pettiness, thy name is Wikipedia.

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