Thursday, May 23, 2013

House Bling

One of my husband's house projects was putting gutters on the roof the the backyard patio. This winter we had snow melting off the roof and on to the patio which then became a large sheet of ice. This, of course, made it difficult to walk around safely. I knew I did not want two awkward looking downspout extensions hanging off the roof and then across the end of the patio into the grass so I tried to think of another way to go.

That's when I discovered rain chains. I loved the look but knew I could not just hang them off the gutters as I would still have the problem which caused us to put the gutters up in the first place. What I needed was a way to contain the water and direct it off the end of the patio. So I came up with the idea of  dropping the rain chains into  ceramic planting pots partially filled with rocks set on concrete splash blocks which also had some rocks placed in it. This should slow the water down, prevent splash back and direct the water off the patio.

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