Monday, June 03, 2013

Double Header This Weekend


and read

Inside Daisy Clover is one of my favorite badly done movies. At times you don't know whether to cringe or break out into laughter. The musical numbers have always made me do both since they just as unskillfully done as the fashion montages and musical numbers in The Valley Of The Dolls, which, I must admit, is another one of my favorite bad movies.

The book is another matter, more grown-up, with Daisy closer to Holden Caulfield in temperament than a Dead End Kid.  This makes perfect sense as the setting of the book was moved from the early 1950s to the 1930s for the movie. Why? Who knows, but I find the reason why even more unfathomable now that I know the screenplay was written by the book's author.

Tisk, Hollywood.

All in all, the book is much better than the movie version and an enjoyable read but that doesn't mean I will not be recording Inside Daisy Clover every time it is shown on TCM in the future. I still love it. Although I will be fast forwarding though the musical numbers from now on since this time I found them no longer funny but only cringe making. I am never subjecting myself to them ever again. Well, except when someone who has not see the movie before is watching it with me. I don't want that person to miss out on really, really bad movie making.

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