Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Long Weekend

Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.
-Joseph Campbell

I've had a busy few days. My sister spent the weekend alone with her two dogs and my niece's two dogs but having six dogs in the house wasn't as crowded as it sounds, her dogs are small and one of my niece's dog's is very small while the the other one can only be described as tiny. So it really was like having two-and-a-half extra dogs around. They did bark at the neighbors dogs but since that is what dogs do it did not bother me, although my sister and I did try to keep the barking to a minimum. Sunday morning one of my sister's dogs set off a barking frenzy when she rushed the fence. My sister called her and when she came told the little instigator that she knew she was the one who started it all. That goofball stood staring at my sister with a "Yeah, wasn't it great!" look on her face.

One of my niece's dogs pretending to be a sphinx.

My husband and I hit a couple of yard sales where I found this Nambe serving piece for an incredible "this belonged to my mother's and I want it gone" price of $3.00 (1.92 GBS). Beautiful, isn't it?

I've been suffering from what is know as a frozen shoulder for the last 7 to 8 months and a friend who is an orthopedic surgeon suggested some stretching exercises about a month ago but they haven't helped as quickly as I thought they would. He suggested, once I decided stretching wasn't helping that much, that I have the scar tissue manually ripped apart after my shoulder had been numbed with a regional anesthetic. Since creating more trauma to repair a trauma sounded a little drastic for something that will heal itself with time, I started looking for an alternative. What I wanted was something that would ease the pain that was now spreading to my neck and my back as my body tried to compensate for the shoulder injury. I decided on Rolfing.

I had my first session yesterday and, yes, it is a bit painful but nothing compared to the pain that drops me to my knees or makes me nauseous whenever I move the arm attached to my bad shoulder too quickly. I was sore after I got home yesterday but this morning I went for a walk around the neighborhood and for the first time in months my shoulder did not ache. It also feels more flexible than it has before but that doesn't mean I am dropping the stretching. I'm hoping that it along with the Rolfing will help my body heal faster. And the extra benefits of Rolfing can only be a plus at this point.

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