Thursday, June 06, 2013

They Pretty Much Operate On Adrenaline And Ignorance

I learned something today.   It used to be that if I wanted an adrenaline rush I could get just by driving on I-25.  This morning I was coming back home from the grocery store when the following happened:

From the Colorado Drivers Handbook, page 21.

I am the purple car in the above illustration.   Traffic is going 80 mph when the red car decides he needs to exit where the yellow car is exiting.  Does the driver in the red car think, "Oh, I've missed my exit!"
 No, he cuts in front of the blue car, across the green area (which was actually blacktop marked by white lines) and directly in front of the yellow car.  Now keep in mind that this illustration has about five less cars on it than when that yahoo pulled this stunt.

Crap like this happens frequently on I-25 and, interestingly, I am adjusting to it.  Today instead  being frightened I calmly watched it unfold and thought, "What an asshole."

My reaction is not as Zen like as I'd want it to be but I'm getting there.

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