Friday, September 06, 2013


If your ever down a well, ring my bell
-Friendship from Anything Goes

I was watching an episode of Perry Mason in the basement this morning when out of the corner of my eye I saw a tiny head pop up from the bottom of the window well and then hit the window screen. It made me jump because I at first thought a rat had somehow gotten into the window well. I turned to focus completely on the window and got another jolt when whatever was in the window well jumped up onto the screen and started climbing up it. That is when I realized I hadn't seen a rat but a frog and said frog was trying to climb out of the the well. He was moving so fast he got almost half way up the screen before he fell backward and disappeared into the bottom of the well. I hurried upstairs to get my husband since he is the official remover from the house of unwanted insects, arachnids, reptiles, small furry mammals, and now amphibians. It took him less than a minute to open the window, detach the screen, pick up the frog and carry it out to the backyard.

Little Sally Pumpkinhead was very interested in finding out what my husband had in his hands and after my husband released the frog into the greenery surrounding the dry pond I let her out of the house. She trotted over to where my husband was crouched down and he pointed the frog out to her. We thought she would remember the frog friend she had back in Kansas but the first thing she tried to do was pounce. My husband blocked her with his arm while the frog hopped deeper into the plants. Little Sally Pumpkinhead spent a few more minutes looking for the frog and ignored me when I ordered her back into the house. I decided to leave her in peace, knowing the frog could take care of itself. I'm hoping the frog stays in our yard and that LSP decides to make it her new frog friend. Of course that depends on whether this frog likes to be licked or not.

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