Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Post Flood Photos

The photos below were taken by my husband while walking the dogs this morning. These photos were taken in the same area where this photo and these photos were taken. Where we walk the dogs is near a river and it all was under water during the flood.

This photo shows a four stall horse trailer in the river. At one point that river was up past where that piece of what-is-now scrape metal is lying on the riverbank above and to the right of the trailer.

This photo shows a pile of wet hay bales, probably pulled out of the stack of hay behind them, smoking due to spontaneous combustion. Wet hay develops molds and bacteria that release massive amounts of heat causing the hay surrounding it to dry out. Internal temperatures keep rising until, between 180 and 212 Fahrenheit, the dry hay starts burning.

You can tell how high the water got in this area by looking at the mud and debris trapped in the tree to the left of the smoking hay bales. The river is this photo is still running high. This may be called a river but normally it is a small stream at the bottom of a 15 to 20 foot gully.

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