Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Two Faced

One of the major political figures in the Republican's attempt to destroy Obamacare has been  junior Senator Ted Cruz from Texas.  He's had been in the news a lot since he read Dr Seuss's Green Eggs And Ham on the Senate floor during his filibustering attempt to get more Senators to vote for defunding the Affordable Care Act.  Until that movement Cruz wasn't even on my radar but when I first saw his face on the News I wanted to punch him right in the nose. That reaction hasn't changed.  I see him on television and, BAM!, I want to punch him in the nose.  It's a visceral reaction, Cruz's Face = Punch In Nose.  Then one day I figured it out.  My instantaneous dislike for the man is simply because he looks and acts like another political figure from the past.

The junior Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz:

The junior Senator from Wisconsin, Joe McCarthy:

Both political opportunists. Both cretins.

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