Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Attention Drivers

Some of you seem to be confused by the fact that stop and yield signs have the same colors.  To help you with that here is a quick tutorial.

This is a Yield Sign.

This is a Stop sign.

Although both are red, one is shaped like a triangle.

And the other is shaped like an octagon (eight sided).

The triangle shaped sign has the word Yield written in red letter on a white background.

The eight sided sign has the word STOP written in white letters on a red background.

This sign:

means you should only stop if necessary (e.g. There is a car approaching and if you kept going you would hit it or it would hit you.).

This sign:

means exactly what it says it says, stop.

Let's summarize.

This sign means:


And this sign means:


In other words:

This sign does not mean STOP!

And this sign does not mean YIELD!





So, are we clear, now?

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