Thursday, April 24, 2014

I Got The Music In Me

Two weeks ago I was up in Boulder, Co and stopped in at a record store. Yep, an old fashion record store.  I walked in to just look but ended up buying three albums; The Best of The Crusaders,

The Best of Donald Byrd,

and Mildred Bailey Her Greatest Performances 1929-1946.

What's great about this store is that they let you listen to the record before you buy it. I was very appreciative of this at the time but doing so turned out to be very expensive for me. When I got home and put the Mildred Bailey record on my old stereo/radio/cassette player it sounded like crap. At first I thought I had made a mistake in buying the records but then I realized it must be the stereo, which makes sense since the darn thing is over 30 years old. So...we bought a new stereo system with a brand new turntable, receiver, and speakers. I'm listen to Mildred as I type. God, she sounds good.

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