Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Rocket Away!

And another week almost gets by me. The main reason why is that I am suffering from Spring allergies big time this year. This, I think, is because we had a real Spring and no big freeze to kill all the plant and tree buds before they had a chance to bloom like we did last year. That freeze caused everything to bloom at different times, making allergy season a bit more liveable. But not this year. This year was a perfect storm of pollen which causes me to be sleepy, dopey, and grumpy. The days pass for me in a daze with me being surprised by how quickly five o'clock in the evening seems to come. Wasn't I just getting up? I did manage to go to my book club meeting yesterday and I left home early enough not to be late so I ended up being way too early. I passed the time in a antiques store checking out the books. On the way out I saw a stack of records at the bottom of one bookshelf so I squatted down to look at them. They turned out to be 78s and I wasn't sure my turntable could play them but I flipped through them anyway. That is how I found this:

I had never heard of this company nor had I see or listened to this record and, like I said, I wasn't even sure it would play on my new turntable but I knew I had to have it because I instantaneously fell in love with the cover. Look at it! It has great colors. It has a great graphic. I mean it's a 1950s style rocket ship! What is cooler than that? Even if I couldn't play it I wanted it. So, I bought it. When I got home I looked at my turntable and discovered it could play 78s so I put the record on and was almost frightened by how fast the disc spun. That speed made the record play quicker than I thought it would so each side was shorter than I expected. It takes about six minutes to play both sides and you can listen to the whole recording here.  For me, listening to it took me back to my childhood since it has has such a Disney education cartoon feel to it. 


Ally Bean said...

This is the best thing ever! I am so charmed by the chorus that goes "oooh" when a fact is explained. Thanks for sharing it. What a hoot.

la peregrina said...

You are welcome. I love it so much I wish I had own a copy when I was a child. :)