Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I Am Learning To Sew- Project 2

My first real sewing project. An apron with a nice big pocket.


Blue Witch said...

Welcome to the world of textiles! I hope you'll be very happy here!

Are you taking classes or learning from a book or online?

la peregrina said...

Thanks, BW, I first took a 6 hours class. That is where I learned about using a sewing machine and how to make this apron. I am now learning from a book titled "S.E.W: Sew Everything Workshop." It's pretty good but I do go online and watch sewing videos whenever the instructions in the book are confusing to me.

I decided to try sewing again (I had to take sewing in 8th grade Home Ec.) after reading "The Lost Art of Dress: the women who once made America Stylish." Something about the book inspired me to try sewing again.

I can not believe how much fun I am having after hating it so much in school.