Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I Am Learning To Sew- Project 6

Sewing project six. I made another sewing machine cover because I wanted my last memory of making a sewing machine cover to be a good one. Had some minor difficulties but, all in all, this one went a lot smoother.


Blue Witch said...

You're doing really well - to be doing things like that on your own at this stage is great!

Do you press your fabric before working with it, and then press your seams at each stage? Despite having sewn forever and doing dressmaking, soft furnishing making etc etc, until I started doing patchwork I never knew that you should press a seam flat when you have sewn it (to 'set' the stitches in the fabric and remove stretch when you press the second time), then press it open, or to one side, depending on what you are doing.

Also - thread - if you are working with a mixed fibre fabric, are you using a man-made thread (eg polyester), and cotton if you are working with a cotton fabric? It makes all the difference. (take care with ironing temperatures when using the polyester though, it has a nasty tendency to melt!)

If you have any further problems, do post them here or drop me an email and I'll try to help. But, that said, we all struggle with things where you have to turn corners with continuous strips, like in this project.

Start looking at commercially produced things - the seams often leave a lot to be desired! I think that you are being too hard on yourself!

la peregrina said...

Thanks for the complimen, BW. I do know about pressing the fabric and the seams and I also know to wash the fabric before I start making anything. The woman who taught the class I took had all kinds of tips like these.

Since I consider all these projects learning projects I have been using a cotton/polyester blend thread. I've been told it is a good general type of thread.

Thank you for the offer of help, if and when I need any help I will definitely drop you a line or post about it here. I've just finished another project and I realize that sewing time is like computer time. Both go faster that you expect.

la peregrina said...

That should be "compliment"
(I do not know where the "t" ran off to but he is in trouble for leaving his post.)

Blue Witch said...

Yes to sewing time zipping by - the difference between that and computer time is that you usually have rather more to show for it at the end!

You live in the land of sewing - we in the UK look enviously at the thousands of fabric-selling shops that you have, and some covet the gadgets (me, I'm a Simple Witch and I don't, but lots of my Patchy Ladies do). We visit the US with empty suitcases (excellent selection and half-price cf UK)! It's easy to become accidentally addicted. Ahem.

la peregrina said...

I never knew that about our stores, makes me appreciate mine even more.

So, you all have become junkies, huh? Need a new connection? ;)

Blue Witch said...

Just wait until you start feeling the urge to design and dye and/or print your own fabric... and then progress to things wooly. You then end up with a stash like mine...

As older than me fabric junkies say, "I have a very stable relationship with fabric!" STABLE being 'STash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectency Actually, I think mine is already beyond two life expectencies (but I don't care, I love fondling fabric):)