Monday, October 20, 2014

My Soul Is In The Sky

Had a friend fly in to attend a family member's memorial service this weekend.  We drove him back to Loveland/Fort Collins Airport on Sunday and got a quick tour of his Cessna 210G Centurion (not shown) and then watched him take-off. I had forgotten how much I love small airports.

Beautiful day to fly. Loveland/Fort Collins Airport.

Again, beautiful day to fly. Loveland/Fort Colllins Airport.

Xtra Airways, a charter airline out of Boise, ID


Ally Bean said...

Gorgeous photos: the colors, the horizon with the mountains. I haven't been to a small airport in decades. Makes me nostalgic.

la peregrina said...

Thanks, Ally. The mountains are the main reason why I took the photos. It was such a beautiful day with a beautiful view.

Blue Witch said...

I just can't imagine any airport having that much space.

la peregrina said...

That is because there are two lakes, one a reservoir, between the airport and the mountains and farmland to the north.

tristan said...

you just reminded me of wandering out from a motel to stand on the edge of the little airport in holbrook on a still and frosty night to gaze at the moonlight on the san francisco peaks above flagstaff, about ninety miles away