Monday, November 17, 2014

Married Life

Conversation with my husband after he puts on a just washed pair of flannel sleep/lounge pants.

My husband:  These have too much static. I thought you were putting fabric softener in the wash.

Me:  I did use fabric softener.  If they're still staticy  why don't you grab all of them and run them through the wash with more fabric softener?

My husband: That's a good idea.

He collects all his sleep/lounge pants and head to the laundry room where I hear him open the top of the washer, then silence as I wait for him to ask the question.

My husband:  Where's the fabric softener?

Me: In the rolling cart next to the dryer.

Another moment of silence.

My husband:  It's not there.  All I see is Dreft and Downy.

Me: Downy is fabric softener.

My husband: Ohhh.


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Yep, women understand. :)