Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Book Room: the annotated Sandman

I've decided to remove the section Book Room from my page sidebar and instead put it under post labels. Blogger has made it more complicated to make title links- so much so, I haven't listed books I've read in months. From now on I will just do a post on any interesting books I've read whenever I feel the urge to do so. Like today.

Neil Gaiman started writing The Sandman graphic novels in 1989 and last November I discovered the annotated Sandman volume one at my local library.  I liked it so much I went straight to volume two.

And then after I finished that book, straight to volume three.

What is the Sandman series about?

What do you need to know to enjoy the series? Only that there are seven brothers and sisters who have been since the beginning of time, the Endless. They are Destiny, Death, Dream, Desire, Despair, Delirium who was once Delight, and Destruction who turned his back on his duties. Their names describe their function and the realms that they are in charge of. Several years ago, a coven of wizards attempted to end death by taking Death captive, but captured Dream instead. When he finally escapes he must face the changes that have gone on in his realm, and the changes in himself.
-Neil Gaiman

Why did I enjoy these annotated books so much?  Mainly for the stories and the way Neil Gaiman weaved folk tales, fairy tales and ancient mythology throughout the books but also for the many annotations which note the who/what/where/when of the tales and/or mythological beings and creatures mentioned.   I love well done fantasy and Neil Gaiman has created a disturbing real fantasy world.   If  I  am going to be creeped out by a story,  I prefer it be done with some panache.  These stories certainly have a lot of panache and I appreciate the fact that they do.


colleen said...

Intriguing. The title alone stirs some kind of boogeyman childhood fear in me.

la peregrina said...

Me, too, which is probably why each story stayed with me long after I finished reading it.

Ally Bean said...

I've never read anything by him, but hear of him all the time. When I'm ready to immerse myself if a fantasy world this looks like a good place to start. Thanks.

la peregrina said...

Fair warning, Ally, these are comics for adults and can be very violent at times. The only other Neil Gaiman books I had read before the Sandman series were Coraline and The Graveyard Book.