Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I Am Learning To Sew- Project 15

I saw this sweater at Marshalls and disliked how the zippers looked and how heavy they made the sweater weigh but then I realized I could fix those problems by removing the zippers and resewing the seams. 

Zippers removed.

Seams sewn together again. I used yarn and a darning needle.


Ally Bean said...

I like your version of the sweater better than the original. Those zippers, besides being heavy, would get cold faster than the woven part of the sweater. All around it was a dumb idea to put them in.

la peregrina said...

What a great observation, Ally, I had not thought about the zippers conducting cold. I just thought it was a dumb idea because it made the sweater look stupid. Thank heavens for design fails that end up at Marshalls for me to buy and fix. ;)