Thursday, February 12, 2015

Yesterday I Was A Busy As Popcorn On A Skillet

Sometimes you decide to do too much and end up crashing hard at the end of the day. That was me yesterday. It all started a couple of weeks ago when I took a friend who was looking to buy a sewing machine to  J&M Vacuum & Sewing where I had bought my sewing machine.  That got me thinking about a new machine for myself since I felt I had outgrown mine and I admired the one she had picked out for herself.

Last Friday I loaded my sewing machine into the backseat of my car and took it to J&M for their Friday Unfinished Projects class.  I wanted to learn how to correctly attach bias tape. Unfortunately the woman who oversaw the class was gone that day so I ended up talking to the store owner about sewing machines.  He recommend the machine my friend bought and also another one that was a bit higher priced  but had more features and was on sale.  I couldn't decide which machine I wanted so I took a brochure home and spent the weekend studying the pros and cons of each one.

By Tuesday of this week I had made my decision and I returned to the store yesterday.  I was going to buy the one my friend had bought but I changed my mind once I was told that two of the features (automatic threader and automatic lock-stitch)  I thought were on the machine I wanted were actually on the other machine. The main reason I did not want that other machine was because I did not like how lightweight it was, which was one of the selling points for the machine but not something I was interested in.  So, it was either buying the  machine I had already decided on or moving up to an even more expensive machine.  I did not really need those two extra features to sew well but  they would make two sewing steps that are tedious a bit easier to do.

After trying out both machines I left the store and had some lunch and thought about it.  I asked myself how much I wanted those extra features and  whether or not the more expensive machine was actually the best one to buy.  I decided I did want the extras and that the higher priced machine was worth it because (a) it also was on sale,  (b) I would still get the full amount I paid for my original machine as trade in, (c) if I bought the other machine I would only outgrow it quickly, and (d) I knew I would eventually end up with the higher priced machine with all the features I really wanted anyway, so why not make the leap now?

The two hours I spent at the sewing shop wasn't all that time consuming but the fact that I had bundled my trip to the sewing store with a trip to Costco, a trip to Natural Grocers , a trip to Goodwill, a trip to ARC, and a trip to Jo-ann's made it a long day.

Now I have a few more busy days ahead as I learn how to use this new machine.  I also think I am beginning to feel the same way about sewing as British actor India de Beaufort. She supposedly said, "I have a sewing machine that I adore and I spend a lot of time sitting in front of it when I'm not working.  And any excuse to paint or draw or do something artistic with my hands really gets me going. Definitely aspiring."


Ally Bean said...

Congrats on your new purchase. It sounds to me like you made a good decision. I cannot sew one stitch, but adore the idea of having a machine and making beautiful things. In theory, I'm a great seamstress. ;-)

la peregrina said...

Thanks, Ally. :)

Blue Witch said...

Which machine is it?

la peregrina said...

It is a Baby Lock Elizabeth, BW.

Click on the specification for a look at all the bells and whistles. What is not listed is the knee lifter, which lets you raise the presser foot without taking your hands off the fabric you are sewing. Something I did not know I wanted until I saw it.

Blue Witch said...

Looks good! I don't think I've seen that brand over here, but it has lots of useful features.

One tip, from painful experience - if you use the knee lift a lot, watch that you don't strain your knee. It's not a very natural motion, and, if you sit for a long time, you can end up with a strained knee that takes ages to get back to normal.