Monday, May 11, 2015

Frog Went A'courtin'

 Frog Went A'courtin'- Burl Ives

This is the frog that sits on my backyard patio next to the step leading to the patio doors. 

This is where I found him Sunday morning after two days of heavy rain and then a blizzard on Saturday night. He was blown about three feet from his original position on the thin layer of ice created by the fierce wind during the storm. 


Ally Bean said...

I bet that he hopped over there, on his own volition, to get out of the rain. You just didn't see him do it! ;-)

la peregrina said...

Ally, that would be a good hypothesis if sitting there did not put him right in the thick of the rain. Of course being a frog he might not have known that.