Monday, October 19, 2015

I Am Learning To Sew- Project 25

A pair of pajamas for my sister. This was my first clothes project and I have learned :

(1) Patterns are more confusing than they need to be.

(2) Sleeve are hard, but only if you don't find an easier way to do them on Google, which I did.

(3) Google and YouTube are great for finding some type of tutorial (text or video) for anything that has to do with sewing. Google and YouTube have helped me immensely.


Blue Witch said...

Those look very professional! And what a lovely colour :)

Clothes patterns were much simpler years ago when there was only a coouple of sizes on each pattern rather than the multi-sizes of today.

la peregrina said...

Thank you, BW. I did make one mistake and the bias tape lining that should be inside the neck is now on the outside. Since it doesn't really effect the wearability of the top, I left it alone. I am glad you like the color. :)

la peregrina said...

Sometimes I hate the English language. Effect or affect?