Friday, November 06, 2015

Things I Truly Love- Coloring Books

I've been coloring in one of the new coloring books that have been published by the hundreds ( Just Add Color: Day of the Dead with artwork by Sarah Walsh) and the first one I did was frustrating.  I like to use colored pencils but the slick paper did not take up the color the way that I am used to and I felt more like I was scrubbing the color on than actually coloring.  So I did a small  coloring experiment.  I finished the color pencil page and then colored another page with art markers and then a third page using crayons.  Results below.

Color pencils.  The paper just doesn't pull in the color and the slickness makes it hard to cover all that bright white paper.

Markers.  Color absorbs well but  I still felt like I was scrubbing the color on. 

Crayons.  Actually felt like I was coloring and covered well but I don't remember crayons being this waxy.

So I've decided that I will not use color pencils in this book but markers and crayons.  I think the problem  I had with the markers was because I bought a cheap set at Target and they dried out even as I was using them.  A better quality set should take care of that problem.


Ally Bean said...

Beautiful. I find that I cannot use markers because I am unable to get the color to spread evenly. I agree that Crayons seem waxier than the used to be. However, when I occasionally color in a book, I use 'em. I also have a couple of apps on my iPad that allow me to color virtually, which is more fun than you might imagine.

colleen said...

Very nice. I just bought a mandala one with colored pencils. I fear I don't have enough wall space to hang any.

Blue Witch said...

Good use of colour.

Gold star for keeping within the lines ;)

la peregrina said...

Thanks, but I did not stay between the lines on the markers as well as I would have liked. I'm still learning how to use them.