Tuesday, December 15, 2015

But Baby It's Cold Outside

I put up my Christmas tree yesterday which I have never done before Christmas Eve since....forever.

This is what I woke-up to this morning.  

My apologies, Colorado.


Ally Bean said...

Oh my! Definite cause and effect there. It's too warm here with little-to-no precipitation and gray skies. Not the beautiful crisp, sunny time of year that December should be. But make no mistake... THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS GLOBAL WARMING. ;-)

la peregrina said...

Nope, nothing to see here, keep moving along. ;)

Blue Witch said...

13 degrees C day and night here. That's July night-time temperatures in the night in December. Hottest December on record predicted in the UK.

la peregrina said...

BW- No wonder it is only 14F/-10C right now. You are stealing all the heat!