Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pan Am Makes The Going Great

January 21, 1970, the first Boeing 747 commercial flight is made by Pan America World Airways on its New York to London route.

(Photo of aircraft on the ground at London Heathrow Airport.)

(Pan Am 747 luggage tag.)


Ally Bean said...

Is that right?!! [Well, of course it is. You wouldn't post a lie. Not what I meant with that comment.] I remember those tags, but couldn't tell you where I flew from or to with them. My first overseas trip was years later and on a much smaller plane than a 747. In fact, I didn't know they existed back in 1970.

la peregrina said...

I know, I'm always surprised when something turns out to be around longer than I thought, too.

Nic said...

I think I remember that when it happened....funny how dated the coaches look despite probably only being a few years old whilst Jumbos still don't look dated today.

la peregrina said...

Yep, classic design.