Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I've Been Sew Busy

I've even learned how to make a flat-felled seam.

I've watched lots of YouTube videos, read a bunch of articles, and even bought a felling presser foot.

Figuring how to put the presser foot on my sewing machine took up quite a bit of time and cost me one broken needle- my first one. Breaking a needle taught me to always check the needle position to see if the needle will hit the new presser foot before starting to sew.

I am learning how to sew flat-felled seams because I am altering some of my husbands old shirts so they fit him better and they all have flat-felled seams.  I am surprised by how easy it really make a shirt smaller but I  am not sure how easy it is to sew felled-seams into an altered garment but I will be finding out soon.  Wish me luck.


Mr. LaP. said...

... and because of this Mr. LaP. now has shirts that fit him!

Blue Witch said...

I thought that was a French seam, but, having now looked it up, there is a difference, I've discovered.

I think you're very good altering MrLaP's shirts - not sure I'd be bothered to do that for MrBW as I doubt he'd notice!!!!

la peregrina said...

To me a felled seam looks like a french seam sewn down. I'm doing Mr LaP's old shirts because he has discovered that slim fit is a better for him than the mediums he used to buy. Since they are old shirts it's OK for me to learn on them.

colleen said...

Wish I could sew for a darn. I admire those that can. I like t he self-sufficiency aspect of creating your own clothes if you want to.

la peregrina said...

I had not thought about it but I think I like the self-sufficiency aspect of creating my own clothes and other sewing projects, too. Plus the magic of it all. I start with a length of fabric and when I have finished sewing I have created something useful. :)