Monday, June 27, 2016

And Another House Project Done

Front porch rail before.

Front porch rail after.


tristan said...

looks very smart ... am impressed, as usual

Blue Witch said...

Looks great - amazing the transformation that paint can make.

I know how much work painintg railing takes. Well done!

An aside - can you tell me the current rate paid to ordinary savers in the US, please? Just a ball-park figure of what can be easily obtained?

la peregrina said...

Thank you both. Bob sanded all the old stuff off but we did not paint the top rail. That Bob stained because he thinks it will last longer than paint.

BW- The average savings account interest rate is 0.06 percent. You can get higher rates if you are willing to tie your money up for 6 months to several years but those higher rates can be lowered by the bank anytime they want to do so. Right now they are around 1.00 percent.

Blue Witch said...

Thanks LaP. Someone I know who has just come back from the US told me exactly what you say, and I just couldn't believe it.

It's almost impossible to research that from outside the US, as search engines just don't return results for outside of the country you are in (and simple use of proxy servers is pretty much a thing of the past).

Still, it shows that there's a long way to go before things are that bad over here, despite what the media might have you to believe right now. The loss of fixed rate multiple year bonds (widely up to 5 years, sometimes up to 7 years - more years = higher rates, currently up to about 2.5%) still exists.

Apologies for hijacking your post!

Blue Witch said...

Sorry - 'the loss' should be, 'lots of'.

la peregrina said...

No apologies necessary. Asking a question is not hijacking and I am happy to help.