Monday, July 11, 2016

Colleen Explains It All

To the people upset by the phrase "Black Lives Matter" and counter with "All Lives Matter." In theory all lives do matter but as long as there is racism and bigotry in this county white lives matter more than black lives. Maybe you would not get so upset if you thought of the "Black Lives Matter" slogan as a shortened version of the phrase "Black Lives Matter Just As Much As White Lives"......or....maybe you could stop pretending that you don't know what "Black Lives Matter" means and just shut the hell up.


Blue Witch said...

It amazes me that in a country with a black President, and the highest GDP (by far - yours is six times ours), that there is still so much covert (and overt) endemic racism.

Perhaps America's wealth is still built on the backs of the poor community (more black than white) and it suits the powers that be to keep them hungry? I know so many Americans who have lived over here for many years, and they all still refer to 'blacks, rednecks and trailer trash' in the same breath. I do have to keep reminding them that that sort of language is unacceptable here, so why is it acceptable to use it of their own country of origin's inhabitants?

Language is a powerful tool. Change the language, you change attitudes. Have a decent minimum wage, and scrap zero hours contracts and you may go further towards solving the problem.

la peregrina said...

Well said, BW, well said.