Friday, July 01, 2016

Crime Blotters

Blotter: a book used in a police station for writing down information about people or events
Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

I've just discovered that The Denver Post publishes crime blotters for Denver and its surrounding counties.   Let's see what small crimes have been happening in the area.

1. Adams County: Man wakes up the whole neighborhood

2. Arapahoe County: Drunken man's pants abandoned him

3. Aurora County: Road rage suspect breaks out baseball bat 

4. Denver County: Angry defendant breaks door handle

5. Douglas County: Teenagers follow, harass woman at home improvement store

6. South Jeffco (Jefferson County): Thieves fail to steal camper

 After reading them all, I see Arapahoe and Douglas Counties have the most creative one sentence descriptions of each reported incident. My favorites are "Suspicious man turns out to be extra shady" and "Creepy kids in Lowe's."


Blue Witch said...

Fascinatingly, in the UK a blotter is a sheet or pad of blotting paper in a frame (leather of plastic back and surround), kept on a desk.

What police use used to be called a 'pocket book' - which I think has a different meaning in US English? I have no idea what they are called nowadays (maybe still the same).

la peregrina said...

We have the same here but I have no idea where the phrase "crime blotter" came from. Maybe because the book used was the same size as a desk blotter?

A pocket book was what my mother called a small purse. I love words. :)