Friday, July 08, 2016


I woke-up this morning to the news that 5 police officers were assassinated in Dallas, TX during what had been a peaceful protest rally against police violence. All I could do was cry. When is enough, enough? Stop the violence. Stop the hatred. Stop the political bullshit. This country is in serious trouble. It's time we all start showing each other the respect we each deserve just for being fellow human beings. So stop. Just stop. Please, stop.


Jerry Carlin said...

"when will we ever learn"?

Blue Witch said...

While you all cling on to your 'constitutional right' to have guns, this will continue to happen.

Guns have no place in a civilised society.

No US government will ever be brave enough to try to change the status quo though, so I guess you'd all better get used to much more of the same.

It's an impossible situation.

la peregrina said...

I agree, an impossible situation but I do think it will change but not until we reach, what I call, the traffic light/stop sign deaths number. I've noticed that whenever the public requests a traffic light or stop sign to be put up at an intersection because of the number of accidents happening there local government will never do anything until the number of accidents or deaths reach a certain number. That number is unknown until it is reached. At some point the number of mass gun death in this country will reach the correct number for the government to take action. I hope we have reached that number but I fear we haven't and won't for some time.