Thursday, July 21, 2016

I Am Learning To Sew- Project 32

A wearable cross body clothespin bag for my sister. I did this in one afternoon and still can not believe I did so. All that practice is starting to make a difference.


Blue Witch said...

I'd never seen one you could wear until we were in SA this year. Here, they usually they have hooks or coat hangers to hang on the washing line, but these are so much better.

This looks great - did you use a pattern or just make it up?

la peregrina said...

This was also the first one I had ever seen. It it from this blog site:

It is not exactly like the one she made because I put the letter papers together the wrong way and did not notice until I after I had cut the fabric. That made the bag longer and not as wide as it should have been. The other change is the lining. My fabric was not as tough as it should be but looked just perfect for the project so I put a lining in the bag. My sister loves it.

Blue Witch said...

Excellent, thanks LaP. You are now responsible for my unfinished projects pile (y) growing by 1. y was already a jolly large number!!!

I think that making it with a lining, as you did, would make it stronger and more durable. Also, the narrower shape would make it better should you drop it - fewer clothes pegs would fall out. Or is that just my problem? ;)

la peregrina said...

I had not thought about less clothes pins falling out. Good point and (whispering) yes, that's only your problem. ;)

Oh, and because of the way the bag is put together I did not make the lining separate. I put the two front bag pieces on top of each other as if the bag was turned inside out and pinned and sewed the bias tape on. Then I laid all the bag pieces on top of each other as if the bag was turned inside out and sewed around the three sides. Then, since I don't have a serger, I used a faux overlock stitch to finish off the edges. Since I put a liner in the bag all the outside fabric faces right side out. At that point I went back to the instructions given in the blog post. I am thinking of making another bag the size mine should have been in the first place to see just what the regular bag looks like. That project goes to the bottom of my own unfinished projects list. :)