Wednesday, August 24, 2016

And The Answer Is!

Stephen Bannon, who is Donald Trump’s campaign CEO, is a leader in the alt (alternative)- right movement. Hiring Bannon is Trump's answer to the question he has been asking African American and Hispanic voters for almost two week now, "What do you have to lose?"

Perhaps the most potent element of alt-right activism is the effort to build a sense of a specific white identity, and to claim that this identity is under attack.

“Anti-white animus in society at large is palpable,” says [alt-right leader Richard] Spencer. Demands for diversity in the workplace mean “less white males in particular”. More openly extreme alt-right accounts on Twitter talk about immigration in terms of “white genocide”.

This sense of injured white identity is what defines the alt-right, according to Dan Cassino, a Fairleigh Dickinson University political scientist and the author of a new book on Fox News and American politics. “The founding myth of the alt-right is that the disadvantaged groups in American politics are actually running things through a combination of fraud and intimidation. By doing this, they’re actually oppressing white men.”


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Rain Trueax said...

Vox had an interesting article on BreitBart too. I learned some things since I've never read them. They are not ideologues like so many Republicans but culturally paranoid and seeing changes, like what some consider politically correct, to be destructive to the culture we have or had.

Whenever I read someone, and lefties say this a lot, that anybody who votes for Trump is a racist, it irks me because it's like saying anyone who votes for Hillary is a liar. It's ironic because lefties don't believe she's a liar and righties don't believe Trump is a bigot.

Being someone in the middle makes me feel like an outsider looking at what's happening to the two sides of our partisan divide almost remotely. Neither really care about their own side and what they might do wrong. It's a constant bombardment of the bad done by the other side... And since I like to read both sides, there's plenty to find lol.

la peregrina said...

I don't believe everyone who votes for Trump is a racist but I do believe Trump is a man with a gigantic ego whose judgement is questionable and that this article is more proof of this. There are nt perfect candidates in this election but I do believe Trump is a hell of a lot worse than Clinton.