Friday, August 25, 2017

Eclipse August 2017

Birdbath viewer- the best for watching. I had to wear my sunglasses over two pair of clip-on sunglasses to cut down the glare. Unfortunately, I was not able to photograph the sun in the birdbath as the moon moved in front of it because the glare was just too bright for the camera.

Three pairs of clilp-ons worked as well but really not good for taking photos. What I saw through the clip-ons was not seen by the camera.

Hundreds of tiny crescent moons under the trees.

Tiny suns appeared when I used a colander.

Binoculars, large lenses pointed at the sun, projected the clearest images. I also made a eclipse viewer out of a shoebox but gave that to the little girl who lives across the street. It works but it was a bit of a pain to use.


Blue Witch said...

Fabulous! Glad you saw it.

98% or whatever I saw here in 1999 will undoubtdly be the best I ever get, but that was good enough. Did the birds stop singing? For me that was the eeriest part.

Mr. LaP. said...

This caused a problem in Arkansas. A local TV station was planning on broadcasting the eclipse live. The public outcry was massive due to the number of people that would be blinded.

la peregrina said...

BW- I cannot remember if the birds stopped singing but I do remember how eerie the light was when the moon had reached the point where it was covering the sun the most it would at our latitude. As you know, it is an amazing experience.

Mr LaP- (Sigh)...or maybe a (Groan).

Nic said...

In the '99 one not only did the bird stop singing the thing I remember most was how the Brugmansia scent suddenly filled the garden like it normally does at dusk.

la peregrina said...

Nic- That is cool.

Nic said...

Indeed it was LaP. It's what I always remember when there's an eclipse anywhere...and I often remember it just when I smell the Brugmansia (descendants of those that sent out their message during the eclipse) in the evening to this day.

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