Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Dogs and Blogs

I took the dogs for a run this morning, something I have not done in a while. Most of the time I take them on their afternoon run and I had forgotten how nice it is to take them in the mornings. It was warm this morning, warmer than it has been in a month, and a thin layer of clouds blanketed the sky. The sun was still low enough for the rays to bounce off the underside of the clouds and giving them a glow. I had forgotten how quiet it can be early in the morning but this quiet is a different kind of quiet than late afternoon. Early morning quiet has a stillness to it. I could hear a meadow lark calling and the sadly sweet sound of it filled me with an unidentifiable longing. It was the same longing that the sound of a distant train whistle evokes in me.

Emma has sprained one of her legs so she was wearing a harness and I kept her on a lead. This drove her crazy and she kept pulling and trying to get to go where Kate was sniffing for bunnies. The walk turned into a contest between Emma and me with Emma trying to get me to go where Kate was and me trying to keep Emma on the trail. I'll be glad when her sprain is healed and I can turn her loose.

Did some blog maintenance today and added some blogs and a new category. Under Political Bolgs I have Whiskey Bar, Body and Soul, Colorado Luis, Political State Report, The Poison Kitchen, and Tom Watson. I have also added bitterwaitress to Just For Fun, a nice snarky website that tells you who the cheap celebrities are, with lots of stories of bad behavior and lousy tips. And, last but not least, I have added RaysWorld, which is strikingly similar to the late RonsWorld. Nice to meet you, "Ray."

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