Monday, January 31, 2005

Attention: Doctor Who Fans

I was at the McFarland & Company Publishers website were I found this bit of information. For those of you who don't want to click the link, a new Dr Who book is coming out in Spring/Summer 2005 entitled, The Doctor Who Error Finder: Plot, Continuity and Production Mistakes in the Television Series and Films by R.H. Langley.

From the website:


In Episode Four of Doctor Who’s “Stones of Blood,” 14 minutes and 22 seconds into the show, a crow lands on a large “rock,” causing it to shake. In Episode One of “State of Decay,” at 9:37, the hole in Aldric’s pants mysteriously grows a patch. 32 minutes and 26 seconds into the first episode of “Attack of the Cybermen,” one notices that the Cyberman in the left rear seems to be intoxicated. This work is the largest existing collection of errors appearing in Doctor Who, from every episode of the original television series, the movies, and the spin-offs. Presenting over 4000 errors, plus about 1500 other items of interest to fans, it includes transmitted bloopers such as microphones or equipment visible in a shot, obvious strings, anachronisms, unsteady sets, and actors having trouble walking. This book not only presents bloopers not previously recorded, but also corrects errors in other lists.

The work is divided by Doctor (from the first to the eighth); each story begins with the title, official BBC codes, alternate titles, writer and directors, media in which the episode is available, running times, highlights including characters and actors, and questions to keep in mind. The individual episodes in each story each include date of first transmission and a list of errors and trivia, each with an approximate time in the episode. The work also includes errors from the untransmitted parts of the pilot episode and Shada; it concludes with “the forgotten doctor,” and related programs such as K-9 and Company, Dimensions in Time, and The Curse of the Fatal Death.

ISBN 0-7864-1990-3, index, [320]pp., softcover (7 x 10), $49.95

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