Thursday, May 22, 2008

Know By The Company It Keeps

Time, 1955

This is one of those ads that makes me scratch my head in confusion. "Known by the Company it Keeps." What company? The binoculars? The suicidal guy out of the ledge who left behind his binoculars, a full bottle of Seagram's and two drinks? Is he out there because the person who the other drink is for did not show up?

Maybe is it one of those ads where we are supposed to project ourselves into the photo.

We could be the one sitting in that comfortable chair gazing out at that wonderful view, slightly buzzed after quickly slamming down those two drinks because we are angry at that putz of a boyfriend of ours who is out there on that damn ledge instead of in here with us where he belongs! Damn him! Damn him! He is never there for us, is he? We should just dump him, that's what we should do! Waiter, another two Seagram's, I need them!

Ahh, the good life.

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