Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Metal Business Furniture Is A Good Investment

Time, March 14, 1955

Yep, I bet there are thousands of these tiny flattops still around. Federal, State, and local governments bought these by the millions. You could get them in Pine Frost Green, Suede Brown, Autumn Haze, Glenn Green, Manila Tan or Gray. I have only seen them in gray- none of those fru-fru colors for our government since they probably cost more and would be a waste of American tax dollars. I see you could get a "harmonizing Velveleum(?) or Texolite writing top " with these babies. I remember seeing these desks with a soft top writing surface so Velveleum may have been a kind of rubber substitute.

If you have never seen one of these desks you cannot begin to imagine how large or indestructible they were. The top was large enough to sleep on and, if you put two of them together, you could make your own emergency fallout shelter.

Some history on the General Fireproofing company here.

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