Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

and thousand eyes can't help but see
-Bobby Vee

Health Update: Still sick but I had to work yesterday since the regular librarian had to go to a meeting out of town and, since it was a Monday, the library was very busy. I got through the day by coughing, sneezing, guzzling water, and eating mentholated throat lozenges like peanuts. I pretty much collapsed after I got home. The only good thing about yesterday was that I took an antihistamine before I went to bed. I usually don't take antihistamines when I am sick since they make me very groggy but all I wanted was some uninterrupted sleep. As not to disturb my husband I had been sleeping on the futon in the spare room in the basement but last night I wanted to snuggle down into my own bed.

The first night I slept downstairs I got cold in the middle of the night and pulled out my niece's old pink sleeping bag which is covered with green frogs and laid it across the bed. Getting up had awaken me enough to not be able to fall back to sleep so I read for awhile. When I finally felt sleepy again I put my book down and turned off the light. As I rolled back over I glanced down and saw 150 pairs of eyes staring up at me from the sleeping bag. I had forgotten that the eyes of the frogs had been made with Glow In The Dark material. It startled me at first, then made me smile and feel as if I wasn't alone. Instead of sleeping under a heavenly blanket of glowing stars, that night, I slept under a real blanket of 300 glowing froggy eyes.

(Note: The Bobby Vee link goes to a Scopitone video he did sometime in the early 1960's. As with most Scopitone videos there are lots of scantily clad young women dancing energetically and/or doing other strange things with their body parts. What I found interesting about this video is how much Bobby Vee reminds me of my ex-brother-in-law. He is also a singer and is in an a capella group known as The New Wizard Oil Combination. It is not that my ex-BIL looks that much like Booby Vee but they both make the same kind of facial movements when they sing.)

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