Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Aluminum Overcast On The Ground (part 2)

Upper gun turret behind the cockpit.

Fuselage and waist-gunner window. If you look closely you will see the machine gun pointing right at the camera.

(Remember, click on photos to enlarge.)

Tail. I have no idea what the letters mean.

Rear gun with period dressed and equipped mannequin sitting behind the plexiglass. This was the only area we were not allowed in.

Close-up of mannequin.


Kay Dennison said...


la pergrina said...

I know!! :)

colleen said...

I had to scroll down to the next post to see why a mannequin was in the plane. Hope you had  a great ride and great birthday!

la peregrina said...

I did, colleen, I did. :)

Carrie said...

The tail markings denote the Bomb Group/Wing that the plane belongs to - Triangle "W".  It gets more detailed as well - here's a little 101 on how to decode:

la pergrina said...

Thanks, Carrie, very helpful.