Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

Let's hope it's a good one, without any fear.
-John Lennon


Kay Dennison said...

Is that Baby Coleen? Happy New Year!!!

la peregrina said...

Happy New Year, Kay.  Yes it is. :)

It is also a warning to all you licensed automobile drivers.  If you ever get near a driver who has that look on his or her face get away from them as quickly as you can!  People who drive with their mouths open are notoriously bad drivers.

tristan forward said...

and a happy new year to you, too ... i shall be going to spain in february but must content myself with a pilgrimage to guadalupe, as usual, though santiago is never far from my thoughts ... anyway, hurrah for living and breathing, and all the fun that follows !

la peregrina said...

LOL, same to you tristan.