Thursday, August 09, 2012

Olympic Games Day 13

I also cannot take anymore of NBC's coverage. The quality of live steam video online is getting worse with the images freezing or the screen going blank  as the download stops to rebuffer.  The TV broadcast is agonizingly frustrating what with all the human interest stories about the athletes and the
over-hyping of the events.  No, NBC, this cannot be the greatest race or match-up of the games, century, or history of the Olympics  if you have already said that about ten other events or people.

I wish the Olympic committee would give the broadcast rights to a company who understand this is a sporting event and not a two week episode of a "reality" television show.   If they cannot do that at least give it to a company who has its feet firmly planted in the 21th century and who understands that live streaming is not television of the future but television now and will not underestimate the number of people who will be trying to live stream their Olympic coverage.

Epic Fail, NBC.

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