Friday, July 29, 2016

All Flowers Keep The Light

Other wildflowers we saw up in the mountains a few weeks ago

Wild Roses

Blue Lupine

Scarlet Gilia

I don't know what these are called but I see them all the time.


Another unknown; planted on the grounds of the Grand Lake Lodge.


Blue Witch said...

The bottom one is what I'd know as a lupin - the garden cultivated version - over here.

la peregrina said...

This thing was huge, at least four foot high and two feet wide. Do they grow that big?

Blue Witch said...

Yes! You have to dehead them before they set seed to keep them flowering though. The slugs and snails love them, sadly.

la peregrina said...

We plan on going back to the Grand Lake Lodge in about a month and I hope it is still blooming then. I think it is so beautiful.

Nic said...

Lupins actually seem to grow bigger in the wild....the most wonderful I've ever seen was approaching Lake Tekapo in the Southern Alps, New they're originally Alpine plants perhaps they like the mountain air?