Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Making Peace With My Memories

This is a photo from 1974 of Sullivan's Lounge and Grill in the 1400 block of Court Place in downtown Denver.  Every building you see in the photo is now gone except for the old Victorian house that still stands behind the iron fence at the right.  At the time the photo was taken I used to go to Sullivan's on St. Patrick's Day and for lunch with my mother as it was across from her work.

Sullivan's was one of my dad's drinking places when I was a child and Danny Sullivan was always good to me. My dad would take me with him when he drank at Sullivan's back when the bar was on the corner of 14th Street and Court Place. (If you look down the street to the left of the white building you will see the empty space where the building the old bar used to be in stood.) My dad would order me a Roy Rogers and a packet of Beer Nuts and himself a beer. When I had finished my drink and snack he would give me a quarter to play the bowling machine (The kind with a metal puck as the ball.) while he ordered more beer and continued his discussion with Danny. This is bittersweet to admit but this is actually one of the best memories I have of my father.

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