Thursday, August 04, 2016

House Project

A while ago my husband and I found this bench in a thrift store and bought it. My belief that it had been made out of an old bed headboard and footboard was confirmed by a neighbor who is also a furniture maker. He believes the back of the bench was made from the headboard and the sides were made from the bed footboard. He also said he thought the bench seat was made from another piece of wood.

We bought the bench to replace the old bench we had in the entryway to our house. That one was functional but only allowed one and a half people sit on it at the same time  and was not really big enough to hold everything we needed it to hold.

So we bought some new hardware and came up with this.

A whole lot nicer and more usable.


Blue Witch said...

Fabulous - looks great!

You could make a patchwork seat cushion to match your wonderful rug...

la peregrina said...

I could, and some pillows....great, I just turned it into a reading bench for myself.