Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Feeling, Whoa, Oh, Oh

Election only a month away and this is how I am feeling. 


Rain Trueax said...

I said last night after watching some news that I don't want to vote. I always vote but this time I don't want to. I am sure I will but it's going to be four years of regret probably no matter which circle I fill in (Oregon has vote by mail). I've never felt so disillusioned in a political season.

Mr. LaP. said...

It's very sad to me that the people capable of running this country are too smart to get into politics.

I think we should go to the "approval" voting system. You vote for as many candidates as you like. In other words any that you could live with as president, governor, etc. Most votes win unless no candidate gets at least 50% approval. If that happens there is another vote between the top 2 candidates.

This system would eliminate the extreme candidates and moderates would get elected.