Thursday, December 29, 2016

As 2016 Ends

Dining Room in the Country, 1913 by Pierre Bonnard (French, 1867-1947)
Yes, I need a little Sunshine
Right this very minute
Colors and a window
Chair with a cat in it

For I've grown a little leaner
Grown a little colder
Grown a little sadder
Grown a little older

And I need a little angel
Sitting on my shoulder
I need a little Sunshine now

(With apologizes to Jerry Herman.)


Blue Witch said...

I keep trying to comment by Blogger clearly hates me, no matter how many time I click the stupid photos of pizza/shop fronts etc etc...

Anyway, what I keep trying to say is, Happy New Year, and it's only light and colour that keep me going in this mad mad world the others have created.

la peregrina said...

Happy New Year, BW, and light and color are what inspire me, too. :)

colleen said...

I LOVE that painting and am now going to look for a print.

la peregrina said...

Happy New Year, Colleen! Something soothing about this painting, isn't there? When I first saw it, it made my heart sing.