Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day 2017


Blue Witch said...

The look on Hillary Clinton's face was priceless wasn't it?

On our media coverage, they had an American from Washington commentator saying, "This inaugural speech isn't one that students will be studying in future..." I suspect he may have been wrong.

Rain Trueax said...

His speech wasn't intended for everyone. It was to reassure his followers that he meant what he said in the campaign. If he'd tried to say nice things to the left, who would have believed him anyway? It'd have been seen as a lie and more reason to distrust him. Given the way the left in the Congress is promising to block all he would do, the demonstrations promised, and the House members who stayed away from what basically is a civic event, he had little reason to try to placate those who hate him.

I read a meme one place that said worry less about someone who will only be there 4 years and more about the ones who've been there 30+ and have no intention of leaving. I have concern also about all the state legislatures, where when the census again rolls around, will be increasing their gerrymandering. If we could see more state legislatures turn left, there'd be more hope of turning around the US House. A good start would be mandating an end to gerrymandering and having all districts determined by nonpartisan commissions in a way that makes sense geographically. California, Washington, and some others already have done this. States where the legislature makes the choice is why we have some partisan districts where the incumbent will never lose.

To me a lot more is at stake than the presidency in the next two years.