Friday, February 17, 2017

Letter From A Fed Up American Citizen

Dear #45,

If you don't like being being president because you can't do everything you want to without the interference of people who are trying to protect our country from you, why don't you quit? That way we would no longer have to watch press conferences where you blame everyone else for your inability to behave like a real president, let alone a sane person.


Colleen Shannon


Ally Bean said...

Laughing here. You tell him, girl!

[45 hasn't caught onto the fact that he's a public servant now, not the master of it all.]

la peregrina said...


Blue Witch said...

Worst thing for me from a UK perspective is that it's bought ex-Prime-Minister Tony Bliar out commenting again. He seems to forget he screwed us over the way Trump is screwing you over now... And his lot were in for 13 years...

la peregrina said...

No, no, no, not 13 years. We can't have an Kakistocracy for that long.

(Shout out to the friend who introduced me to the word Kakistocracy.)