Friday, June 16, 2017

I've Been Away From Blogging For So Long I Forgot What I Do Around Here 5

And finally,  I had a great birthday which included a trip to the Loveland Museum.

As some of you know, Loveland (The Sweetheart City) is known for its Valentine Re-mailing Program. Every year hundreds of thousands of people send valentines to be stamped with the Loveland postmark and a Loveland cachet:

So when we got to the museum there was one thing we knew we had to do:

Become Miss LOVELAND VALENTINE of 1961.

And it would not have been as much fun without my partner in crime joining in.


Rain Trueax said...

I haven't been in Loveland for some years but went for the sculptures. It's got soooo many and also sculptors working there. Denny Haskew being one, who used to work out of an old church but not sure if he's still there.

colleen said...

Makes me wonder what he's lookin at! Maybe cupid.

la peregrina said...

That could be. :)