Thursday, January 18, 2018

It's A Hard Knock Life

This is Belle tucked into bed with a small goose down blanket wrapped around her on Monday night.  Right before this she had gone potty, finished eating a little chicken and rice with her meds hidden it, and enjoyed some comfort scratches and words.   She had received her second set of PRP  injections at the vet that day and was still recovering from both the shots and the anesthetic.  The  anesthetic was the reason for the down blanket  since she was still cold.  That blanket worked well and she was  toasty warm an hour later.

If you haven't heard of Platelet Rich Plasma injections, they are used to help with severe osteoarthritis.  The first injections she  had done two month ago helped a bit so I am amazed by how much the second ones have helped her already.  The Doctor said she wouldn't show any real improvement until a week had past.  I was rubbing her belly and it finally dawned on me that she was lying in a position where both legs were wide open just like a puppy sleeping on its back.   She is feeling so much better today it is getting hard to keep her as quiet as the vet  wants her to be until Sunday.  So she is on leash walks only, not allowed to go out into the backyard to go potty without being on a leash, and not allowed to go downstairs.  On Sunday we are all free to get on with our normal lives.


Blue Witch said...

Hope she's getting better day by day.

la peregrina said...

She has recovered from this procedure and the change in her is amazing. Her hips are more flexible and last night she bounded up the stairs in a way she hasn't done in a long time.